10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Decatur Reviews

I have known Brandon for a long time. I should've written this review years ago! Brandon has the best eye for all the little tiny details, details you have missed. You didn't even know you were having an issue until he showed you these details. He also has the best pressure in the game, and it's not because he's a super big guy. I'm 130lbs and he has helped my pressure game immensely.

Another thing is that Brandon believes jiu jitsu is for everyone. So whether you want to be a high level competitor or just come in and learn some "cool moves", he's got you. If you are in the area, go try a class. Nice facility, even nicer people. He also is now offering kid's classes. There's no better role model for kids. Come check this place out!

Brandon McCaghren is a great instructor. If you live around Decatur, this is the place to train. Lose some weight, make some friends, and take your game to the next level at 10th Planet Decatur!

Tori A.

GREAT BJJ school. I've been to many different BJJ schools across the U.S. and this one is near the top for sure. The dedication of Brandon toward his students and his art definitely shows. I highly recommend coming in and giving them a try!!!


I'm coming up a year of training and I can honestly say this place has changed me not only as Mixed Martial Artist but as a person when I first started I sucked and I still do but it was awful my first day there but then I've started coming every Monday and Wednesday i can say now I found my passion I love Brandon Josh and Staff as teachers there great people always care and want to see you succeed and during this year I've gotten a lot better than what I use to be I'm looking forward to the future and what it holds I recommend everyone should come try this place great people and great atmosphere.

Haile G.

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu is love and family period. Yes of course it's a martial arts system but there is something greater than just self defense or mixed martial arts going at 10th Planet Decatur. It's family, it's brotherhood, it's care and support, it's great and educational conversation, it's a fun environment, and it's life. I love the time spend on the mat and my brothers and sisters that share that time with me. I have and I will continue to represent and recommend 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu. Brandon McCaghren has something special going on in Decatur and I'm blessed to be a part of it.

Justin T.

Brandon is on point with his instruction and knowledge of 10th planet. One of the nicest gentleman I've met. I learned so much from him in such a short amount of time. A true educator, passionate, humble and still a fierce competitor.

Bryan B.

Great bunch of guys and gals--hard workers and all around nice people. If you're looking for a chill rolling session or some hard competition sparring in the Decatur area, this place is most legit.

Greg W.

The team at Decatur welcomed me with open arms, it felt like my home gym. Brandon is very knowledgeable and the class times are perfect. Come in and enjoy the best jiu jitsu around.

Mike D.

Top professional training, in a friendly environment. The best BJJ trainer n the SW, and possibly one of the best in country, is the head master in the studio.

Jorge S.

I have not visited his Decatur gym, but I have attended one of Brandon's seminars and it was fantastic. He is very relatable, with clear and understandable instruction, and he is clearly very talented and experienced. Thank you Brandon!

Brian M.

One of the most genuine guys you'll ever meet, Brandon is also an absolutely amazing coach. He'll open up a whole new level to your game, whether it's fitness, self defense, or training for a jiu-jitsu tournament, this is the gym for you! Highly recommended!

Brendan M.

Brandon is an excellent instructor who strives to be the best instructor for his students. He gives his students the best techniques to aquire a successful journey. If you have not checked out his location here in Decatur i suggest doing so. Learning from Brandon is an honor.

Ashley R.

Brandon is a great instructor and an even better person. Tenth planet decatur is the premier place to train martial arts in Alabama!

Matt S.

Super legit instructor & all around great person. Make sure you do yourself a favor and sign up at this legit BJJ academy. Nothing but good vibes here and I put my name on it.

Ruben A.

Best Jiu Jitsu you'll find!!! This place is full of super positive people, the best instruction and good vibes!!

Cliff P.

This isn't a gym, it's a family! Everyone treats you based on your potential, not on your limitations. It's nice to see the upper belts taking time out of their training to help other students, and the lower belts trying to help each other, also. If you're looking to get in shape, to learn self defense, or you think you might want to fight, then I'd recommend giving 10th Planet Decatur a try!!

Curtis P.

It's the best school hands down in Alabama!!! Greats folks and teachers. Not just school but a family!!!!

Deven W.

I was introduced to this location by my boyfriend, who has trained there on and off for the past few years. This year, we both dedicated ourselves to the art, and 10th Planet in Decatur is the best place to train! The instructor is helpful and attentive to his students' goals, encourages them to compete and continue training, and I'm proud to say he's my instructor! The atmosphere is always very friendly as well.

Li R.

True honorable martial artists. Great attitudes and loyalty to their instruction and instructors. Not many left like it.

Dustin L.

Have been with Brandon for almost 2yrs, (via FaceTime) awesome coach, great gym and crew!!

Michelle R.

Thank you to Brandon and everyone. Great time and great place.

Brian H.

I started training with Brandon a few years ago and I can honestly say he is one of the most talented instructors I have ever trained with. Anybody can show techniques and go through motions but only a few people have real teaching skills, and Brandon is one of them.

The students are respectful and always willing to help with new and veteran students alike.

The training facility (Benders) is more than any person could ask for. Full weight training facility as well as cardio center. The mat space is full on Zebra with a cage wall for MMA classes. Child care, sauna, and showers as well. 24 hour access to the gym and an incredible price.

If you are in North Alabama and are looking for an amazing place to either start or continue your jiu jitsu journey, please contact Brandon McCaghren.

I promise you won't regret it.

Chris L.

Brandon gets his knowledge from the best traditional Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor to ever draw a breath (Rickson Gracie) and a pioneer and innovator of modern no-gi jujitsu (Eddie Bravo). What he lacks in looks he makes up for with knowledge, charisma, and the ability to teach. He's an excellent instructor who cares about his students. You won't find many better.

Jason B.

Tomorrow afternoon I am going 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu to see what I think. Cant wait!

I posted that on my timeline this past March. I was going to try something that had aways been interesting to me. Little did I know what I was in for. I expected to be just another FNG that no one would give two cents about. What I got instead was welcomed in with open arms. I was treated with respect by a group of people who where eager to get to know me and help me learn an art that they loved. After almost a year that has not changed. If I am not able to train for a while, I am welcomed back the same way every time. I am not pushed to a corner and talked about with whispers. I am welcomed back with a warm hand shake and questions to make sure I am doing well. This is always followed by an insurance of " If you need anything, we are here for you." This is what keeps me comming back. Knowing that there are a group of people that will be there to help me in life, as well as my journey in Jiu Jitsu. I can never thank Brandon Mccaghren and Alberto Moya enough. As well as I will never be able to express my gratitude to each and every person I step on those mats with.

If you have ever thought of trying to learn Jiu Jitsu, but where affraid to because the fear of the unknown, let me ask you. Give this place and these people a try. I can swear to you from my own experience that you will be truly be welcome. I know I am not alone in this experience. And once you become a member of this family, you will never be alone again either.

Brad D.

Want to get healthier? Want to learn self defense? Want to learn respect, and humbleness while improving your self-image and confidence? Then you've come to the right place. I've never been around a more supportive network of people. An added benefit is that the instructor, Brandon McCaghren, is a world class jiujitsu instructor.

James L.

Amazing instructor and awesome students. You will not regret deciding to train at 10p Decatur.

Sean M.

Finding a skilled practitioner of any art who is equally as skilled as a communicator is rare. Finding a school in which excellence is fostered in an open and inclusive setting is just as rare. Combining the two is a recipe for success at any level. 10th Planet Decatur is *the* place to learn jiu jitsu.

Carmen T.

I was training at a gym with a current UFC champion at the time I came to visit 10th planet Decatur. Within one week of being here.. I made up my mind. I went home, got my stuff in order, packed my life in a van.. And moved across country to train here. I came knowing full well that the next winter would be spent living and sleeping in a cold leaky van. And looking back, it was still the best decision I ever made. I understood from training with multiple champions prior, that to be great.. You needed to surround yourself with greatness. And I had found all the greatest people I know gathered in one place. Not only in terms of dominating the jiujitsu and mma scene via competition.. But more importantly was who they were off the mat. The instructor was the true definition of what a role model should be. He put his students (and people in general) before himself every chance he got. He took every opportunity he had to lead by example, and show us what it meant to love and reach out to those who needed help. I came for jiujitsu.. But I got sooo much more instead. Work ethic, a new standard of morals and the importance of being humble. A genuine feeling of being part of a family that loves and cares for each other. It's honestly something unlike anything I could ever hope to find elsewhere. So even if you aren't looking to be one of the world class competitors being molded here, or you don't care about getting in shape or learning self defense.. Just know that those are simply the little bonus' that come with what's being offered. If you want to take you're life in your hands and really find your potential.. I honesty can't recommend it enough. If nothing else, just try it out and see for yourself what it is we've all come to be so passionate about. I promise you won't regret it.

Chad A.

Amazing instruction! I had the opportunity to train with Brandon and the squad. It was a game changer. The family vibe was my favorite part. I can recommend this gym enough. I wish there were more stars to add to the review!

Josh P.

Love coming and training with Brandon and his crew when I am in town. You always look for a good teacher with a good team to support each other. That is exactly what you have here.

Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen!

Jonathan M.

Best instruction in Alabama hands down! Brandon is and amazing coach and true martial artist. Brandon cares about the progress and success of each student. Message him now and start amazing positive changes in you life!

Chris H.

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu is an awesome system. These Instructors are innovative and continuously strive to make Jiu Jitsu better for everyone. Do yourself a favor and try it as soon as possible.

Casey H.

I think 10th planet style Jitsu is the NFL of the Jitsu styles. I've done them all including judo, wrestling, and I feel like it's due its respect! Don't like it? It will break you!

Selassie F.

Not only is Brandon an excellent teacher, he really forges a positive attitude in his students. Come check it out today!

Mario S.

The instructor Brandon is a great teacher and a good guy. I definitely recommend training here.

Ruben R.

Some of the best jiu jitsu instruction in Alabama. Brandon has the heart and skill of a champion.

Anthony L.

Extremely knowledgeable and experienced instructor. Anyone truly interested in top notch instruction should seek out Brandon.

Scott E.

Favorite place in the world.

Sam D.

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